About Us

R. Michael Parker has always enjoyed telling stories to his kids. "There was no greater feeling than telling my kids a fun yet scary story on long family trips. Watching my kids eyes wandering off into a make believe world as I told them the story..."

In the creative advertising field for over 20 years creating numerous safety pamphlets for educational services, R. Michael decided to put his knowledge and story telling to good use and share these writings with kids that need to learn important things that all kids need to know! 

"I became widowed at a young age. So I decided  to teach my children 'Street Smarts' yet I didn't want to take away certain aspects of their innocence".

"A few years back I was at a park with my oldest grandson and a little girl of about 5 years old came up to me and started telling me WAY to much personal information. It hit me at that point that I needed to write a safety guide to help kids understand the right and the wrong of dealing with and interacting with strangers properly."

R. Michael & Co. is dedicated to educating elementary aged kids the important things all kids need to know to help them live a wiser and safer life!


Mervin Chee - Grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and loved drawing the characters from the shows whenever he could get his hands on a pencil.

 Mervin has been involved in the animation industry and designing apps for kids projects since 2007